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We offer a full customer support package and, as we operate our own transport fleet, we can guarantee delivery within a 7-14 day period. We deliver on our promises and you can rely on us at Sofahouse to back-up our customers 100% all year round


At Lux at home, our warehouse facilitates Sofas on site and so our complete wholesale range is available for immediate delivery. This also allows us to buy in bulk, passing on important wholesale savings to our customers. We have the complete sofa range in leather and fabric, fixed and reclining and corner models.

Sultan Sofa set


Descartes Sofa



Your living room is where you spend the most time at your home, be it quality family time, entertaining friends or enjoying some alone time watching your favourite match, movie, or TV show

Living room furniture can be the biggest pain of moving.
Not for you!
Lux at Home Intuitive assembly makes for just as intuitive disassembly, so when you move, there’ll be no need to list it on Craigslist. You’ll be able to break down your sofa & set-it back up, no sweat!

To ensure that The lux at Home would last, we tested it. We dropped super heavy weights, pulled repeatedly on the backrest & tried to bend the legs in every direction to simulate 10+ years of use. Guess what? It looked just as new after testing as it did before.

Experts from design to delivery

6-8 weeks delivery time

Handmade to

Made with high Quality materials